Basic Black – Part 2

Purses made of fabric need quite a bit of support since fabric is so soft. For this particular purse we’re going to use three different types of intefacing.

For the pockets we’ll use a standard weight since we want them supportive yet flexible. Each pocket will be lined so there will be two layers of fabric with the standard weight interfacing between.
Standard Interfacing

The second type of interfacing we use is a heavier weight designed to keep the purse’s overall shape.

Heavy Interfacing

 The last type of interfacing is a fleece material which acts as support, at the same time makes the purse softer to the touch and keeps the purse from developing creases that can arise from a stiffer, less yielding material.


More on Denise’s purse to come – Patti

P.S. Part 1 of this post can be found here. Part 3 is here.



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