Basic Black – Part 3

Patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to assembling a purse. It’s important to stitch slowly to maintain proper tension on the fabric. 


Making your own custom purse can be a lot of fun. You get to create whatever you need and add the embellishments you want. You determine the number of pockets, the material(s) used, the length, width and height to fit your purposes. 

A great deal of work and materials go into a custom purse but once finished, you have a one of a kind creation with your special touch.

One of the custom modifications we made to Denise’s purse is a double bottom, a special reinforced 2nd bottom to give extra support.


When the project is complete, spraying with Scotchguard helps keep your fabric purse clean – washing is not recommended. 

Here’s the finished product which is on its way to Georgia!

See previous posts Part-1 and Part-2.



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