Have you ever come across one of those ideas which look sooooo good on paper, but are a disaster when executed. That’s the story of my latest diet.

Hara hachi bu is Japanese and means “eat until 80% full” (don’t they have a quaint way of saying don’t pig-out?).  In America this is hard to do because we are so used to eating until we are full.  So we decided to try to eat Japanese style-using chopsticks.  The thinking was that we would eat more slowly so we would notice when we started getting full and be able to stop.  Now doesn’t that sound like a good idea!

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Well, we went out and bought some chopsticks and the first night we used them we had Chinese fried noodles and Chicken Chow Mein.  I never realized how small those fried noodles were before-but when I tried to pick them up with chopsticks they sure did seem tiny.  It took so long to eat our dinner (one noodle at a time) that I ended up frustrated but not full enough to stop before it was all gone.

Well, we tried again a couple nights later and my poor hubby could not get his to work at all, he finally gave up and used a fork.  I had gotten the hang of the chopsticks and did okay with them but still I did not stop before it was all gone.

The bottom line is chopsticks may slow your eating down but if you are determined to clean your plate, why bother!



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