Shipping Hairbows

Only ONE way to ship hairbows – in a box.


Plastic bags may save you some postage – but after spending money on a boutique bow, your customer does not want it destroyed by the post office.
A Box for Hairbows

We start with a bed of tissue.

A Bed of Tissue

Attach the bow on a card (to keep it from sliding all over the place) and place it in the center of the box.

Bow in Box

Protect the bow by placing tissue all around the bow.

Padded Bow

Of course, add a thank you card.

Thank You Card

Then a final layer of tissue for proper padding.

Packing a Hairbow

Tape it closed and then. . .

Tape it Shut

In this case, mail to Dawn in Missouri.



2 Responses to Shipping Hairbows

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, The school bus hairbow is precious!

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    Thanks, I really enjoy making hairbows and there are so many ways to decorate them. And, of course, I just love to see them on the little angels that wear them.

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