Books – Part 1

How did we ever get soooo many books? I counted today and we have 12 bookcases, full of books! There’s hardly a wall in the house that doesn’t have a bookcase on it. That doesn’t even count the “piles” we’re currently reading. We have too many books (and bookcases), and we’re trying to break our book addition. We’ve started doing research on how others have dealt with this affliction and have already begun implementing some of what we’ve learned.

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Our first step was to start categorizing books – the first major category are those books we haven’t read. Of this first category we’ve subdivided them into those we think we will read and those we’ve decided we won’t. It’s not much, but it’s a start. We’ll share more when, and if, we get the courage to take the next step – stay tuned.



One Response to Books – Part 1

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, Sandra Felton, The Organized Lady, has some good organizing books available to help(oops, that might just feed your addiction)with a project such as this. You may want to visit her website, or another website that I enjoy is Good luck with the project!

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