More From Houston

One of our grandsons, Christian, wants to be an astronaut so the highlight of our trip was a visit to NASA.

All week we had told the kids that Friday we were doing something fun but it would be a surprise.  They were very excited when they realized where we were going!

The kids had so much fun and there was so much to do but I think the favorite spot for the little ones was the Martian Matrix.  It is a huge play area full climbing fun.  It is so big I could not get a photo of it, but the kids loved it.

My son has a friend who works for NASA and he gave us a, behind the scenes, tour of mission control.  Christian was very excited because he got to see where the mission specialists sit while working.

Everyone had so much fun and I recommend a visit to NASA when you are in the Houston area.

This is all 4 of our sweethearts-Lauren is 7, Caleb is 9, Lydia is 13, and Christian is 12.  We only get to see them a few times a year so spending our vacation together was a real treat.

Our last night in town and we wanted some good Texas bar-b-que so we headed to an old favorite of ours, Goode & Co.  The bar-b-que is great but you absolutely must save room for the pecan pie.

This is a photo of the kids and I inside the restaurant in front of a buffalo. 

We had a great time together but now I can’t wait for some peace and quiet and my own bed!!

See Part 1 here.


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