My New Phone-I Love It!!

Okay, I don’t intend to make this blog a commercial – but I HAVE TO brag about my new phone.  I have been wanting to get a newer phone for awhile but hated to spend the money.   I really wanted needed a camera phone because quite often I need to photograph fabric and send the picture to a customer for their approval.

With our vacation near, my hubby told me to buy the one I wanted (as long as it included a camera) so I didn’t have to carry both a phone and a camera all over Houston.

I shopped around for the best bargain and it was still more than I wanted to spend, but I got a Motorola Razr V3.  The photos are a little grainy (as you can see from the Houston photos) but it is so much more convenient than carrying a cell phone AND a camera. 

I love all the features of the phone.  I know most of the world has had these features for a long time but my old phone was an antique that they gave away for free-so I really feel spoiled with this new one.
Pink Razr
I can assign ring tones to different callers, it stores so many more numbers than I will ever need, it has hand’s free calling, takes  photos and videos, can download games and ringtones and I am sure a lot more that I am not aware of.

It is really funny to see the way different generations deal with technology. 

I got the phone and started reading the manual and delicately played with the buttons and settings.  My 13 year old granddaughter came to town the next day and I needed her to do figure out something on it while I was driving-a couple clicks and she had it all fixed.  I was shocked!  I would have had to stop the car, pull out the manual, look it up and then fix it.  Kids are so amazing!

Well, I love my new phone, and I love my sweetie for insisting I buy it!!


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