More on Modesty

It seems that more and more modesty is making the news.  A few weeks ago Good Morning America did a story on teen girls who are striving to dress more modestly.  This is not their parent’s idea, but these young girls have a desire to rein in the current trend for teens to dress like the current pop idols.

The thing that impressed me about this story was that these girls seemed to have captured the true meaning of modesty.  They were interested in dressing nicely, in clothing that was attractive and feminine, but equally as important, they were interested in maintaining modesty in their behavior.  This is indeed how modesty should be lived-from the heart.

What we believe is reflected in what we wear. If as women, we believe we’re only sexual objects whose primary function is the satisfaction of society’s fantasies – then it’s easy to follow the dress code of Hollywood’s starlets.

Ladies, let’s not minimize ourselves and our abilities by forgetting that we are created in God’s image – and because of this not only our dress, but our demeanor, should reflect our importance and worth.


One Response to More on Modesty

  1. pattisoriginals says:

    I finally got the Back to School Angels photographed and listed. This is a great example of fashionably modest. Check it out.


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