Fashionably Feminine

A friend asked if I created designs for women as well as for children so I thought I take this opportunity to explain my future plans.

It is so difficult for women to find clothing that fits their measurements, looks good and is modest that I decided to branch out and begin offering custom made dresses in my store. . .

Since I hate to shop for myself all of my clothing is very old and needs to be replaced, therefore, I decided I would make a prototype of the dresses I will offer and keep them for myself ;-).  I will use these dresses for photographs and then offer a selection of fabrics from which you can choose to have them custom made for you!

The following will be the 3 main dresses offered.

This is a ladies’ tea-length jumper with a fully lined yoke and side pockets.  It has a back zipper for easy dressing and the skirt has a center seam in the front and back.  This jumper could be made from almost any fabric from denim, to calico, to knit, to eyelet.  I love the tapered sides and the free flowing skirt. (I’ll leave off the appliques – I think there nice but detract from what I’m trying to achieve).


This is a tea-length dress with princess seams (very figure flattering) a back zipper and a coordinating jacket.  I cut this one out last night and selected a cotton fabric with a touch of the orient.  I will post photos as I continue construction.  My jacket will be made from the same fabric as the dress but I am going to look for a solid color that will match.  If I can find it I will make both jackets and have a very versatile outfit-1 dress and 2 jackets.


The last dress is another tea-length jumper but this one has very tapered sides, a tie in the back, princess seams (again figure flattering), and it buttons up the front.  This one can also be made out of almost any fabric, but I am thinking of twill!!  I might pair this with a jacket to make it a little dressier.

Button Front Jumper

I am also going to make a skirt and blouse outfit but I am still working out the details on that so no photos yet!!

I promise to keep you updated with photos during construction and a link to the listings when they are completed.


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