Quality Control

Every item I create leaves my home with my name on it, with my business card enclosed and with a thank you note with my contact information, therefore, I want to ensure those items are as perfect as possible.

I use a very simple yet effective, quality control tool – my iron. . . I wash and iron each completed item before it goes on its way to its new home.  Ironing provides me with an opportunity to go over all the details in my latest creation – every nook and cranny.

As I iron I am always on the lookout for problem areas, such as loose or dangling threads,

missed stitches, fabric caught in a stitch or any other potential problem.

When I find a problem, I stop immediately and make the necessary repairs so I won’t forget.

I continue ironing and checking until the entire item meets my approval. Once ironed / inspected, the entire outfit is ready to head to the west coast for the first day of school.


One Response to Quality Control

  1. lsadog822 says:


    This turned out adorable, Great Job!!! She is going to look so cute on the first day of school. Do you think anyone else in the class will have a similar outfit? No. We love your unique creations.


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