Oriental Influence

Just like so many in the fashion industry I have caught the oriental influence bug.  A few days ago I posted that I was finally going to be sewing for me (see here).  Well, today I got started on MY projects.

The first outfit I am making for me will be this dress and jacket. . .

The fabric I chose will give the outfit an oriental influence.

A little closer look at the pattern will help you see why I chose this one.  This dress has a long, flowing, a-line skirt, a back zipper but the winning detail is the princess seams. 
Princess seams start above the bust at the armhole and curve across the bust and come all the way down to the hem.  This adds a vertical line to the design which is very slimming (and I definitely need slimming).

Notice the round curve in this piece.  It will go across the front of the bust.  Dresses with these seams have a center front and side front instead of just a single piece for the front.

Many skirts have this same detail (a side front, front, side back, and back) and it is called a gored skirt.  These skirts are very popular for the same reason-they are very slimming.

I have the dress all cut out and ready to go and hope to start sewing tomorrow.  I will keep you posted of my progress.


2 Responses to Oriental Influence

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, The fabric is very pretty.

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    Thanks, awhile back I was invited to participate in a sales promotion entitled “East Meets West”. I bought this fabric to create an outfit for a child for that promo. Life happened and I never got around to it, so I claimed the fabric for me! Patti

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