Oriental Influence – Part 2

It is so exciting to finally be ready to start sewing on dresses for me!!

The first thing I did was set up my dressmaker’s mannequin according to my measurements so I would not have to try the dress on as I worked on it.  Then I was ready to sew. . .

I sewed the princess and shoulder seams and fitted it on the mannequin before I serged the seams-just in case I had to make adjustments.


I pinned the side seams and everything looked good.  This design calls for the front and back facings to be attached before the side seams are sewn but I wanted to make sure the dress would fit before I started attaching the facings.


I inserted a zipper in the back and then I sewed the side seams.  The dress is all finished except for the hem.


I wanted a modest tea length dress so I made the appropriate hem using my sewing machine, (it  does a blind hem so I don’t have to do it by hand), very nice!!


The jacket was pretty easy and the only detail I added was the loop in the front for closing the button-I liked that better than a buttonhole on this fabric. 


And here is the finished product.  If you like this style I am offering it in my store with your choice of fabrics. Check it out here.  



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