Some machines are necessary for my business.  When I started sewing, my mother had a Singer sewing machine and this is what I used (my sister still has this machine and it still works fine).  At school all the machines were Singer as well, so when I decided on a machine that was not a Singer, I felt like I was betraying a trust.  However, I needed a machine that was a little heavier duty, more consistent in stitches and I wanted an easier way to make buttonholes.  So I decided on a Bernina. . .

Now my Bernina cost more than every other sewing machine I had bought in my entire life added together, but I do love it.

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However, when it came to buying a serger I just was not sure I would like it.  I had never used one and had only heard of what they could do.  So I did not want to spend a lot of money.  I did some research and discovered that Brother put out a machine that came highly recommended. I shopped around I found that  I could get this machine from for a very good price.  I love Amazon because they ship quickly, have good prices and offer almost anything you could want. I have to say, I absolutely love my Brother Serger. It works great, is fairly easy to thread and does a good job of gathering.

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As my business grows I can already see that industrial machines are not to far away in my future. Perhaps a Kansai with 3 needles and 5500 stitches per minute?!!!

Kansai Machine


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