Old Friends-Best Friends

We were best friends in high school and our lives sort of took us on different paths, and yesterday we met and spent the day together.  What fun!!

I was 14 years old when she came to my house to pick me up for a teen meeting. . .

She had this really cute guy with her.  When I found out he was her brother (and not a boyfriend) I became very interested.  Alicia and I remained the best of friends all through our high school years and then she married and moved in one direction and I married and moved in another.  Years later (many, many years) we decided to meet for lunch and made a day of it.

We had so much fun shopping, talking, visiting and remembering; it almost made me feel young again!Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe sad part is we have both moved back close to where we started and now we only live an hour apart-what a shame to have missed the fellowship all these years.  We will definitely have to do this again very soon.

Whatever happened to that cute brother of hers?  I married him 37 years ago and he is still mine!!


3 Responses to Old Friends-Best Friends

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, It sounds like a second chance. Both of you are too cute! Maybe you could add a picture of your husband back in ’67 also.

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    I don’t think he would appreciate that, but I will ask.

  3. 2mama says:

    Wow Patti, that is a name I have not heard for a long time. I had forgotten about Larry’s sister. I had also forgotten how you might him. All this brings me back to our days together in Louisiana…really miss them and you.

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