The Joke is on Ebay

I have been creating designs and selling on eBay for a couple years now but I don’t get a lot of time to just peruse the different auctions.  I do, however, belong to several eBay groups and the women on these groups seem to come across all the good ones. . .

This item was listed last week and the write up for it is really great.  Take a look and check it out.

Here is another interesting auction.  This lady crochets and sells her items and they all go for outrageous prices.  Take a look.

The foundation of Ebay is feedback.  When you sell something you receive feedback from the buyer and you leave them feedback-this assures future customers that you are selling quality items.  Take a look at this attempt to “buy” feedback.

And this just proves you can sell anything on Ebay.

Hope you enjoyed our trip through Ebayland.


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