Adding a Touch of Whimsy

Have you ever come across fabric that you just love? This is one of those fabrics that’s just so cute that the design practically created itself. . .
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Bright cats with just a hint of the orient.  I thought it would make an adorable jumper for a little kitty lover.  Then I came across a pattern for a Euro-jumper.  It buttons at the front bib, has a front and back pocket on the bib, a contrasting ruffle around the bottom and elastic under the arms for a nicer fit. 
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I just love it and my granddaughter thought it was just too cute, but it was a little too short for her.  Since it didn’t sell I decided to add a little more whimsy to the outfit.  I took away the plain tee shirt and made a petticoat dress to go underneath.  I used the same contrasting fabric as the ruffle to make the entire bodice of the dress and a solid red for the skirt.  Now the puff sleeves and striped bodice show at the top of the jumper and the red skirt peeks below the ruffle. 

The great thing about this is now if it doesn’t sell it might be long enough for Lauren!!


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