Knees are Ugly.

Knees are ugly.

Now before you take offense, let me say I’m not talking about YOUR knees, I’m talking about EVERYBODY’S knees. . .

To make my point I went to Flickr and grabbed some “knee photos” So if you need some proof that knees are ugly? Just look!

knee-06.jpg knee-04.jpg

I’ve wondered for many years why women would subject themselves to exposing such an ugly part of their body by wearing short skirts (yes, I know they are really trying to expose areas ABOVE the knee but that’s not the kind of blog I run). 

These short skirts are not very attractive and they certainly set a bad example for our young girls. So what’s the answer ladies – tea length dresses.


In the business setting a tea length dress is much more professional looking.  I always think it is funny to see a TV hostess in a short skirt trying so hard to keep it pulled down.  For me, it is tea length everytime.


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