Kawaii-In the Works

Today I worked on the Kawaii outfit and I ran into so many difficulties.

I began working on the pleated ruffles for the top and the skirt.  Take at look at this intimidating looking doodad. . .


This is a pleater/gatherer that attaches to the sewing machine.  It is a little tricky to get it on the machine because you have to get the hook over the needle screw and insert the hole in the attachment at the same time.  It is a tight fit but work it slowly and they go together nicely.


I started running my bottom ruffle through the pleater and the pleats were coming out very small. 


I decided I wanted big, deep pleats instead-so once again I was ripping out.  The only way to put in the nice big pleats is to do them by hand-measure, iron, sew.  It is definitely time consuming but I love the way they turned out.


My original design called for the body of the blouse to be gathered into the yoke.  When I got the yoke together and held the body up to it I decided to leave the gathers off.  That meant I had to cut off the extra fabric from the body and sew that seam again.

Since the pleated ruffle was already attached I had this long tail left hanging when I serged the seam.  Now I don’t like to just cut these long threads because the seam can come unsewn and since you cannot sew backwards with a serger I had to find a way to secure the ends.


I thread the long tail into a large eyed needle and run the needle back under the stitches I just serged.  This secures the tail and the seam.


I finally got all the details worked out and hopefully will get this outfit finished tomorrow. See final post here.


One Response to Kawaii-In the Works

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, You must have a lot of patience. Ripping out makes me crazy! Keep up the good work.

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