Friday’s Post on Tuesday? I’m Confused.

The WildsThis is last Friday’s post – it has been trapped in a time-warp known as the Smokey Mountains. The delay is due to circumstances beyond our control – no internet access.

Once a year we take a week-end sabitical to the “The Wilds” located in North Carolina. It’s a Christian Campground and Conference Center. We’ve been doing this for about 7 years and look forward to our mini-sabitical each year. . .

The trip is usually grueling, we leave on Thursday night and drive to our son’s home in South Carolina. We usally arrive about 1:00 am on Friday. Once there we sit and talk ’til 3:00am at which time someone gives up and goes to bed (that’s the signal that the rest of us are the winners since we didn’t break down and go to bed first) we reward ourselves by going to bed also.

The grandchildren awake at about 7:00am and in their quietest loud voice (or is it their loudest quiet voice?) they announce that Grammy and Granddad are here. This has the desired outcome and wakes us up. Hugs and kisses abound.

The Wilds EntranceWe drive the rest of the way to the campground for some “rest and relaxation” (yeah right!).

The conference speaker is Dr. Jim Berg who is the author of  Changed Into His Image. (a book which should be part of every Christian’s library).

More to come as the adventure unfolds.

Here’s Post 2; Post 3; Post 4, Post 5.


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