Love Bugs

For those of us living on the Gulf of Mexico coastline September brings a little critter we affectionately call love bugs.  I guess it is the weather finally cooling down that brings them out but every year in September they are back.

The little critters are called love bugs because they fly around coupled together.

They really look so cute, don’t they?  But when these little guys show up they are everywhere.  They descend upon us in droves. . .

Last week we took a 2 hour drive to visit my mother-in-law.  This is what the windshield looked like when we returned home.

Like I said they descend upon us in droves.  Take a look at the bumper of the car.

Of course, cleaning the windshield very often is an absolute must and our cars get washed a lot more often when the love bugs are here. 

We call them “love bugs” but I can guarantee, we do not love them.


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