Tyge-Time to Retire

We have a garden of palmettos in our back yard.  When we built our home 10 years ago the builder’s wife told me palmettos were almost impossible to get rid of; so I decided to grow a palmetto garden.  Why fight mother nature!!

Our oldest granddaughter was playing in the yard by the palmettos and she told me there were tigers in this yard-because the palmettos are tropical jungle plants.  So her granddaddy had me buy a plaster yard tiger statue to live in the palmettos.  Lydia named the tiger, Tyge.

Well, that was 10 years ago and poor Tyge has not improved with age. . .

I have tried to throw him out once before and Lydia got him out of the trash.  So my predicament is, should I retire Tyge. 

Here are some recent photos of Tyge.

Well, what do you think should Tyge be retired?  Lydia, let me know what you think!


2 Responses to Tyge-Time to Retire

  1. plwalker says:

    You can retire him,I suppose. But if you do, a new animal would be nice. Otherwise, who would play with us when we go outside, and who would protect you when we’re not there?

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    Okay, darling, maybe we can go shopping for one next time you come for a visit. I am sure your GrandDaddy would buy you a new one.

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