The Wilds – Part 3

Registration for the couple’s retreat at The Wilds is Friday night.  We try to arrive around 6 so we have time to check in and bring our luggage to the room.


Then we head to the dining hall for dinner. . . After dinner on Friday night is the first session with the speaker, Dr. Berg. After the session we have free time to visit or walk around the camp and enjoy the sights.


Saturday they wake us up with music over the loudspeakers.  Breakfast is in the dining hall at 8AM.  The food is great, and since it is vacation and we are in the mountain air, we eat wayyyy too much. 

We have a couple more sessions with Dr. Berg in the morning and then all afternoon is freetime.  This is the time to visit the gameroom and play air hockey or foosball or table tennis.  Or you could go shopping in the country store.  Instead of these sane activities we went on THE HIKE-more about this later.


Now this is our favorite hangout, Cool Beans, and it has become so popular that they are going to soon have to add on to the building. In case you didn’t know, Cool Beans is a coffee shop.


Saturday night is always a fun time. The staff of the Wilds puts on a variety show including, comedy skits, music and fun. We laugh so much the wrinkles (I mean laugh lines) are here to stay.


Sunday morning is another service with Dr. Berg followed by a fantastic brunch.  Then unfortunately it is time to head back home!!  All good things must come to an end.

Here’s Post 1; Post 2; Post 4, Post 5.


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