Prairie Girl Completed

Oh, this outfit came out so absolutely adorable.  Laura Ingalls styling all the way. 

The thing that surprised me about this was how much fabric it took.  It took almost 5 yards for the dress and almost 3 for the pinafore.  Now remember the Little House tv shows, and remember how poor they were-and it took 8-9 yards for a child’s dress!!  I guess Caroline’s (the mother’s) dresses must have taken 15 yards.  No wonder they only had a few dresses each. . .

The dress has a fully lined yoke with 2 buttons in the front and a round collar, but my favorite feature is the ruffle at the shoulder of the sleeve.  I think that ruffle adds so much to the dress-especially when the pinafore is added.

I did the bonnet next (so I did not have to change the thread in the machines).  Now this bonnet is to die for-it is precious. 


Notice the very wide brim to protect the face from the sun, the long ties to secure the bonnet, the full gathered cap to cover the hair…

and the modesty flap at the back of the neck-complete with a detachable bow.  Laura would love this bonnet.

The pinafore is a completely different style than I usually make.  Normally they button up the front or just slip over the head like an apron, but this one has a full front and only 3 buttons in the back.  I like the effect of the open back.  The hem is trimmed with a very full ruffle.

The total effect of the finished product is totally early American-right out of the history books.

And the best part is this outfit is sold and headed to a sweetie in Michigan!!!

Here’s Post 1.


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