The Wilds – Part 4

One of the reasons we love our annual excursion to the Wilds is the scenery.  Located in the Smokey Mountains it is absolutely gorgeous.  We love the beauty and relaxation of the area-well, normally it is relaxing.


Last year we tried to take a hike up to Turtle Rock.  My hubby, Larry,  started having chest pains so we turned around and went back.  Now remember Larry had bypass surgery in May of this year, so we decided to see if the doctors had done a good job and try Turtle Rock again this year.


As you can see we made it this year.  I am on the south side of Turtle Rock and Larry is taking the photo! And this is why they call it Turtle Rock-it really looks like a turtle.


This is the view from the top of Turtle Rock. Absoluely breathtaking!!


As we headed back down we saw a sign leading to the Obstacle Course and Treehouse. We had never seen either of these and Larry wanted to find them. 


So we started on THE HIKE.

Here’s Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 5.


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