A Bunny Opens a Door

A couple years ago I made this dress and included a bunny dressed to match.


A customer, Kristi, who lived in California bought this for her youngest daughter-and here the story begins. What a joy it was to discover that Kristi is a Christian. We both rejoiced in a new kinship we could share.

Kristi has 4 daughters and she loves to dress them in modest clothing, so, over the years she has become a very good customer and friend.  You can see Kristi’s girls on my About Me page-they are the adorable blondes.

A year ago her family moved from California to north Alabama-a lot closer to me but not close enough for us to ever meet. Still she continued to call, email and buy things for her daughters and we enjoyed many hours of each other’s company. We have been through many trials and joys together over the years.

A few weeks ago Kristi’s family moved 30 minutes from my home and today I got to meet her face-to-face. What a joyous time we had as we visited and talked and talked as only friends can do. I am so happy to have this family close by and look forward to many more chances to get together with my sweet friend.


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