A Dinner Date

About a month ago my hubby had to go out of town for the day and he was very late getting home.  As a thank you for giving up his time to help them, the group he went to meet gave him a gift certificate for a very nice local restaurant.

If you have been reading my blog, you know that money has been very tight since the doctor bills started rolling in and we have not had the cash to go out on a date.  Last night we decided to use the gift certificates. . .

We went to a restaurant called Memphis Q.  This is a fancy barbeque (sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it) restaurant.  The decor was very much reminiscent of the French Quarter in New Orleans or old Memphis-the true home of jazz.  It was really very quaint.  The picture below is NOT the restaurant we went to – but the style is the same.
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The food was fantastic!!  My husband got Barbeque Brisket and I got a sampler plate with a little bit of everything on it.  His brisket was served over Texas toast with green beans on the side.  My sampler had ribs, chicken, sausage, and a tiny pork sandwich.  We could not finish it all.

We paid the bill with our gift certificates and got $7 change!  So we had a great meal, in great company and made $7 on the deal.  Not too bad!


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