Family Duties

Have you ever been invited to a family get-together and felt like you were too busy to take the time to attend?  On the other hand you realize your presence is expected?

This happened to us this weekend.  One of my sisters-in-law had a wedding celebration last night and we felt like we wanted to be with them as their marriage was blessed.  We were so happy and honored to have received the invitation and I was especially glad to have completed all my projects in time to attend the celebration. . .

The celebration took place at a church in Covington, LA.  Covington is a beautiful city just north of New Orleans in the piney woods.  The ceremony was very moving and heartfelt and my  sister-in-law looked very lovely.

After the ceremony we went to dinner at a local plantation.  This place is fantastic.  Here is a link to their photo gallery so you can see the beauty of the locale.

There are no photos of the absolutely delicious food we were served so I will try to describe it.  The food is served in courses and each course is prepared fresh.  We had several appetizers such as fried shrimp, crab cakes and puff pastry with mushrooms. 

The next course was barbequed shrimp.  Oh, it was sooooo good!!  Then came a spinach salad with pecans and goat cheese.  Very good!!  Now it was time for the main course.  We had a choice of filet mignon, trout with crabmeat, or chicken with risotto pasta.  Everyone at our table chose the trout.  This should not be surprising since we live in the deep south and seafood is a staple of life around here.  For dessert we had a choice of flourless chocolate cake or cheesecake with raspberry glaze.  I had cheesecake and my hubby had the cake.  They were both very good.

The food was good but the best part of the evening was visiting with family and new friends.  We had such a good time and were so glad to have been able to be a part of this celebration.  Blessings for many years of happiness to Ian and Paula.


2 Responses to Family Duties

  1. 2mama says:

    Is Paula someone I met back in New Orleans? I’m thinking it was a sister but can’t remember if it was yours or Larry. Age has affected the memory.

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    Paula is Larry’s youngest sister and I am not sure if you met her or not. She is about 6 years younger than us.

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