Extra Large Sizes

Modesty is important for girls and women of all sizes but it seems like it is especially difficult for those who wear extra large sizes.  There just does not seem to be a lot of choice in these sizes. . .

I have seen young, plus-sized girls squeezed into clothing that is way too small for them.  I have heard from customers how difficult it is to find appropriate clothing in plus-sizes.

I have a grand-daughter who wears this size and some of the styles we have found that really look cute on her are shown here.

This is a raised waist jumper but instead of gathers the waist has large pleats.  This looks so cute on any size child.


This dress has a high yoke and an aline skirt. This style is very flattering because there are no horizontal lines dividing it, so your eyes go up and down.


This dress has princess seams in the front and back and no horizontal lines-very flattering for a full figure.


This one has a high waist and a gathered skirt but with the ties in the back it can look very nice on a larger figure.


I hope this gives parents some ideas to help their young girls dress in way that would honor our Lord and still be stylish.


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