A Family Affair

Yesterday we had another family get-together.  My husband says he has seen more of his family this year than he has in the last 5 years put together.  I sure am glad we all get along well so when we do have these get-togethers it is a pleasure and not a chore.

Anyway, yesterday we drove up to Tylertown, MS to pick up my mom-in-law and take her to an anniversary party for one of my husband’s sisters.  Tylertown is about 2 1/2 hours from our home and after we picked her up we drove another 40 minutes to the party.  I am so glad we had beautiful weather for the drive.  The whole trip is on country roads through little towns, very quaint and fun. . .

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It is always nice when we get to see our family and catch up on old-times but this time it was a little sad.  The couple celebrating their anniversary have been married 37 years and the husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer last year.  The doctors gave him 6 months to live about 10 months ago, so this could be their last anniversary. 

The whole party was very nice.  The food was delicious and the fellowship great.  The weather was perfect, so we could not have asked for anything more.

Then came the worse part the 3 hour drive home.   We were half way home when it turned dark and we dragged the rest of the way but made it home safely and tired.


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