Mother Daughter Nighties

I have mentioned before the customer (and friend) that I call my marketing manager.  She is the one who lives in CA and first noticed the Butterscotch horse blankets that were so popular last year and she also told me about the prairie dresses.   She has been a huge blessing to making my little home business so successful. . .

This customer, Lisa,  decided she would like matching night gowns or pjs (pajamas) for her and her daughter.  So she went shopping for a fabric that she liked and found this absolutely adorable pattern of clouds and rainbows on a blue sky.


 Lisa has a few Lanz of Salsburg gowns and because they are so comfortable that is what she wanted.  After searching around she found this:


For her daughter we found this precious long gown, with long sleeves very old fashioned, they style worn on Little House. The long sleeve photo here is actually a robe but I just used the sleeves from the robe and the ruffle on the bottom on the gown.


I made Lisa’s first because it is bigger and a little different than what I am used to doing (I always do the most difficult first).  Her gown has 3 quarter length sleeves with a cuff and the front has a ‘v’ neck and buttons.  This fabric is so soft that she will love this finished product.


The daughter’s gown has a back-buttoned, high yoke and the skirt has lots of gathers.  It has a ruffle around the bottom and long sleeves.  Amanda will look adorable in this gown.


And here is a photo of the 2 gowns together.  Mom and daughter are sure to love these sweet nighties.


Most of the designs I blog about are custom creations-if you see something you like or I can help you with a custom creation please contact me here.


One Response to Mother Daughter Nighties

  1. lsadog822 says:


    We love the matching nightgowns. You did a great job!!! I am sure glad our weather is cooling down, I can’t wait to wear it. Amanda giggled when she saw them. We have never had anything matching before so she is happy about it. she thinks it is a little silly.

    You are the BEST seamstress!!!


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