By Special Request – Raggedy Ann

I was contacted by a customer who had just purchased a mint condition rare 40″ 1960 Raggedy Ann doll.  The doll is perfect in every way except she does not have pantaloons or an pinafore. . .


She wanted me to make the pantaloons and pinafore.  She gave me all the measurements and this is what I came up with. I do not have the doll so I just wrapped my mannequin in Raggedy Ann fabric for the pictures.


If you notice the fold just above the hem, that is called a growth flap.  It adds a little something extra to the pinafore and if it were for a child, you could let it down as the child grew.  I put it in this pinafore in case the customer decides she would like it a bit longer.  Sometimes when I get measurements from customers there is a slight discrepancy between the way a seamstress would measure and the way the parent does, I try to allow for this.

When I looked at the photo of her doll I realized that she was also missing a mop cap-which every Raggedy Ann should have.  So I also made her this cap. 


I always try to include a “freebie” with any custom order and this is Raggedy Ann’s freebie.  Maybe her owner will send us a picture of her all dressed up!  That would be a real treat.


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