Christmas Pajamas

A few weeks ago I was swamped with orders for pioneer, prairie dresses like Laura wore on “Little House on the Prairie” and this week it is Christmas loungers. 

This set is going to CA and this customer has a son and daughter.  Her daughter is not into the shimmery bling that most young girls like but she loves bugs, dinosaurs and lizards.  So her mom has to be a little careful about the material she chooses for her.  She picked this fabric. . . which is yellow and teal and covered with fish dressed for the holidays. 

The children are each going to get long pants with an elastic waist (for comfort) and long sleeves.  The daughter has a cute facing on her pants and the inverted ‘v’ is highlighted with a yellow bow.  Her top has long sleeves with elastic at the wrist forming a cute ruffle and back buttons.

The son gets little man loungers with a front button shirt with a collar.  I always add elastic around the ankles of his loungers so I can make them a little longer than he needs (for growing room) and he won’t trip on them.


These loungers should make a really nice Christmas card photo, maybe mom will send us one!

Most of the designs I blog about are custom creations-if you see something you like or I can help you with a custom creation please contact me here.


One Response to Christmas Pajamas

  1. lsadog822 says:


    We LOVE the matching PJ’s!!! Of course you will get a beautiful Christmas Card with the children wearing their Pattisoriginals. You always make them fit perfect and they last for a long time. Thank you so much for all that you do for our family!!! You are the BEST!!!


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