Butterscotch and S’Mores

Last year the number 1 selling toy for children was Butterscotch, an animated horse that stands about 3 feet tall.  Butterscotch is a great gift for the mini-horse lover, and what little girl doesn’t love horses!  She moves her head and whinnies when you pet her and she is sturdy enough to hold a small child.  She comes complete with a brush and carrot.


And this year Butterscotch has got a new friend, S’Mores.  S’Mores is the hot item this year as many stores are already sold out of her.


Either of these horses would make a great gift for any young equestrian, however, they are lacking a blanket to keep them warm and clean during the long winter months ahead, and that is where I come in. . .

Last year I designed and made a blanket for Butterscotch.  I don’t own one of these horses and both of my granddaughters are too big for her.   So I had to take my blanket to a store that had a Butterscotch on display and try it on her.  I had to bring it home and make a few adjustments so the straps were in the right place, and then I was ready.

One Saturday my dear, sweet husband and I took the blanket and the camera and headed to the store with the display.  We put the blanket on her, and it was a perfect fit!  So with camera in hand my hubby took photos while I turned her and cleared the aisle and straightened her mane and tail.  We took as many photos as we could until a crowd started to form (what are these crazy people doing in the middle of the store playing dress-up with this horse?).  We got the best photos!!!

This is Butterscotch dressed in her Patti’s Original blanket.

The blankets are completely reversible so here she is with the solid color showing.

I have sold over 30 of these blankets and they are really fun to make because I offer a variety of flannels for one side and I pick the solid color fleece for the other side.  I have a selection of flannels, similar to the green one in the photos, in different colors available, but this year I added some fun flannels. 

I think any of these will make a really cute blanket that is sure to be a hit with the little horse lovers out there.

Most of the designs I blog about are custom creations-if you see something you like or I can help you with a custom creation please contact me here.


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