Fancy Feet

One of my favorite things to do while watching a good movie is crochet.  Last year I started adding a crochet ruffle around the cuff of little girl socks.  They came out so cute I decided to make some for myself.  I like mine but they really are better on. . . cute little feet.  A crocheted ruffle and a little applique and plain white socks turn fancy!

For Christmas I use red, green and white thread and all sorts of bling-from ribbons to bells! 

I love making these and seeing plain everyday socks tuned into fancy feet!

There are a number of patterns to use to create these socks but here is a basic pattern I use.

I use bedspread cotton (#10 or 20) in any color.  Attach thread with a slip stitch to the cuff.

Row 1-Ch3, skip 1 row of ribbing, sc in next row around cuff join with slst to first slst.

Row 2-Ch2, 2 dc in first ch3 loop, ch2 *3dc in next ch3 loop, ch2* repeat from * around join with slst to top of ch2.

Row 3-Ch1, sc in each stitch around join with slst to ch1 fasten off.  Hide threads.  Press the ruffle with a warm iron and Voila! you are finished.

Easy and oh, so cute!  Hope you enjoy!

Most of the designs I blog about are custom creations-if you see something you like or I can help you with a custom creation please contact me here.


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