Happy Thanksgiving

The early European settlers of our nation (who came to be called Pilgrims) had a celebration after their first harvest to thank God for His blessings and protection.  They invited some of the Native Americans to join their feast and the first Thanksgiving was celebrated.

In 1789 George Washington designated Thanksgiving as a national holiday.  The fourth Thursday of November has been set aside as a time to express our gratefulness to God for His many blessings. 

In thinking over the many blessings of this year I couldn’t help but remember what a whirlwind this year has been for our family. . .

In February our son’s family was in a car bad accident that totalled their car and 5 of the 6 of them were rushed to the hospital.  The blessing is that no one was seriously hurt and all have recovered.

In May, Larry, my hubby, received the results of a stress test and was told he should have a heart catherization because the stress test was inconclusive.  He checked into the hospital on a Friday for the procedure and they found a 99% blockage in the right main artery (this provides blood to 2/3 of the heart).  He started going into cardiac arrest on the table and they had to insert a temporary stint.  He spent the weekend in ICU on his back with a heart pump inserted in his leg.  Monday they did a double bypass and he spent the next 4 days in the hospital.  He came home to face a 2 month recovery period that was very stressful for both of us.   The blessing is that he is fully recovered and back at work full time and at full speed.

The next step of our whirlwind was the doctor bills that started pouring in.  We had been out of debt for many years and these bills have been and still are a real challenge for us.  We have forgotten how hard it is to have to live within a budget and not cheat on it.  It has been very difficult but the blessing is the Lord continues to provide for us in miraculous ways.  One very big way he provided is that October was our best month ever in our business.  So slowly, a little at a time, the doctors are getting paid!

It is always interesting to see the Lord moving in our lives and it is at this season of the year that we take the time to thank the Lord for His many blessings!  Happy Thanksgiving to all and please remember to take the time to thank our Lord for His many blessings in your life.


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