Off To See the Grandkids

Our blog entries will be hit and miss the next few days as we head to South Carolina for Thanksgiving and a Hello Kitty birthday party. 

Our granddaughters both have a birthday in November and they have a family party along with a few friends this week.  Our oldest granddaughter just turned 14 and she had a slumber party a week ago.  Our youngest granddaughter just turned 8 and she gets to pick the theme for the family party.  This year the theme is Hello Kitty.

I usually make their cake but this year I asked the oldest girl if she would like to make it and I would help her.  So that is the plan.  Friday we will create a Hello Kitty cake and that afternoon the family and friends will come together to celebrate the girls’ birthday.

We will return with lots of photos to share next Monday!  So stay tuned.


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