A Hello Kitty Birthday Party

We drove to South Carolina on Thanksgiving Day and enjoyed a really great meal that our daughter-in-law had prepared and got to spend 4 days with our darling grandchildren.

Friday was the much anticipated Hello Kitty birthday party.  I usually make the cake at my house and bring the finished product to the party but this year I decided to let my granddaughters help me. 

Both of my granddaughters were born in November so we celebrate their birthdays together. The little one decided on the Hello Kitty theme. . .This is the instruction sheet for the cake.


This is my oldest helper, Lydia, and this is her first attempt at cake decorating.


I made the 2 round cakes and 24 cupcakes the night before the party so they would be well cooled for decorating.  Then I made the icing.  I use the Wilton Buttercream Icing recipe.  I thinned a little icing and spread it on the top of the cakes before decorating.  Normally I would have spread this thin icing over the entire cake but when you have a lot of helpers you sometimes have to take shortcuts!!


I cut 2 cupcakes in half to form the hairbow. We set those aside while we decorated the cakes. Lydia did 1 and I did the other.  We finished the base cakes using a small star tip and white icing.


Then we positioned the hairbow over the left ear and tinted the rest of the icing pink. 


While Lydia and I were working on the cakes, Lauren, the younger birthday girl, was given the job of decorating the cupcakes.  I filled the decorating bag, showed her how to use it and set her loose.


She had so much fun working on these.


Lauren’s creations!  They turned out pretty good.


Lydia finished up the cupcakes for her.


 We used black licorice sticks for the whiskers and dark chocolate covered raisins for the eyes.


Once everything was finished we put it all together on the island and waited for the guests to arrive.


After a very long wait of about 45 minutes (but to Lauren and eternity) her friends arrived.  We sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday girl.  Now we did not forget Lydia.  She had a slumber party a week earlier and they sang to her.


The cakes and cupcakes were a big hit and the birthday girl had a great time and got lots of nice gifts.



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