A Visit to the World of Chat

I have a Yahoo mail address that I use for internet shopping and mailing lists.  A few weeks ago Yahoo updated their mail service and all of a sudden I had instant messaging. . .

I had been hearing about this for a long time but did not really understand how it worked or what the big deal was.  Now I know!!!

I am hooked!  I love it!!  I sign in every morning and just leave the page open all day.  I can chat with my friends or my daughter-in-law anytime.

This is the neatest thing.  If either of us have something to tell the other we just post it and when the recipient looks at their screen the message is there.  They just read the message and reply and it is on the other’s screen immediately.

I often wonder how I lived so long without a cell phone (I don’t leave home without it now).

A few days ago my internet was down for about 5 hours-I was going through withdrawal-how could I live without my pc!!

Now I have a new addiction-instant messaging!  I will have a hard time doing without this one I can tell!


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