A Busy Week

I think everyone has one week during the holiday season that is super-busy where it seems like everything happens that week.  This past week was mine. . .

I took one day last week to go grocery shopping, you know, the stock the pantry shopping that takes all day.  I was so tired when I finally got home and very glad I won’t have to do this again in the near future.

The next day I met a customer to deliver an order and then ran household errands.  My customer brought her 5 children and it was so much fun visiting with them.  This day was busy but not as exhausting as the day before.

Thursday was a fun day.  I met my sister-in-law for breakfast and we spent the day together talking, shopping, drinking coffee and talking some more.  We had such a relaxing fun day.

Friday morning I had to finish 3 orders and get them in the mail-what a rush!

Friday night was the Christmas party for my husband’s work.  We had a long drive to the party but the weather was nice and we took our time.  The party was fun and we saw a lot of people we only get to see once a year.  The really nice thing is the company paid for us to spend the night in the hotel that hosted the party.  We enjoyed our mini-vacation very much!

Saturday we drove back home and we decided to take a different route.  We went on some of the smaller state roads.  This was a much nicer drive as we passed through many small towns with lots of neat scenery.

I just finished catching up on all the paperwork, the unpacking, and cleaning up all the little messes from my busy week.  Next week should be back to normal with one exception-a ton of laundry.  How can an overnight trip result in so many dirty clothes?  One of the mysteries of the universe.


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