The Perfect Gift – Horses

My oldest granddaughter is 14 years old and she is just crazy about horses.  She takes riding lessons and absolutely loves it!  And her bedroom is decorated in, you guessed it, horses!!!

I wanted to have a special jewelry set made for her featuring horses and her favorite color, purple. . . I left the design up to a friend who makes gorgeous jewelry, Shannyn.  I told her my granddaughter loves horses and is not a picky, girly 14 year old.  She dresses in more simple fashions.  So Shannyn went to another of our friends who designs polymer clay beads, Tray.  Tray created the cutest horses with purple accents.


Shannyn then used Swarovski crystals, silver findings and glass beads to create this necklace for Lydia.  I love the way she tied together the brown and purple and the addition of the wide variety of beads makes the necklace look more grown-up.


I wanted earrings and a bracelet to complete the set and Shannyn did a great job on these as well.



Shannyn and Tray did  such a good job on these and I know Lydia will love this set.

You can see more of Shannyn’s work at

and you can see the really cute beads Tray creates at

We won’t see our grandkids for a few more days so I just need to keep Lydia from seeing this until then.


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