The Redecorating Saga Continues

In my previous post I warned you – this process will take a loooong time. (original post can be found here).

I love my hubby dearly – BUT, when it comes to decorating HE has NO design savy. If you want wierd, he’ll come up with it. So we started with a baby step. . . wall color.

We went to a local big box hardware store and independently chose a selection of colors we liked for the walls. He choose 9 and so did I. It’s hard to beleive that with the 100’s of colors to choose from we actually choose a common color. Pebble Stone 750D-4 (a sample can be found here). . . .

With this baby step out of the way we started with our next question – what to do with the towels? Neither one of us wanted them hanging on the wall. So we started to investigate alternatives.

Experiment 1. What if we put them on shelves? This was our first idea but we had a problem – there are no shelves in our bathroom. So bright idea from my husband, use a step stool to see how it works (I told you if you wanted wierd he’s your man). So we dragged a step stool into the bathroom and rolled towels and used this for about 2 weeks. It seemed to work pretty well (though it looked horrible, see below). (click photos to enlarge)


Experiment 2. See that we could do without towel racks I thought a baker’s rack would work well – it did, but was a little big for our bathroom.


Experiment 3. Our current experiment. A small open cabinet.


I’ll let you know how it works. Our next step – to actually paint the walls. Keep you posted.


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