You Can’t Go Back

Have you ever been to a restaurant for the first time and when your food came it was delicious?  So the next time you go to that restaurant you order the same thing, and it just isn’t quite as good as you remember. . .

I had a similar experience today.  Almost the first blog I wrote was about a visit to my dentist and the spa treatment I got.  It was fantastic.  They offered a back massaging chair, a hand and arm massage and a parafin treatment for my hands.  I was so relaxed when I left that I had trouble staying awake, and this from a visit to the dentist!!!

Today I returned to the dentist and I was really looking forward to all the extra special treatment they offered.  They were busy today so the room they put me in did not have a back massaging chair, how disappointing!!

The hygenist was working away cleaning and polishing my teeth and I had not seen the girl who does the massages, so I asked if they were still doing that.  The hygenist apologized and said they were so busy they had forgotten so she ran and got the young lady for the hand and arm massage.  It just wasn’t the same.  It is hard to relax and enjoy it when you know they are busy and squeezing you in.  And then to top it all off, no parafin treatment!!

Now all of this is complimentary on the part of the dentist.  I don’t pay extra for it.  Yet somehow I feel I didn’t visit a spa today,  just the dentist.


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