A Visit to the Little House

Last year – pioneer style dreses (like Laura wore on Little House on the Prairie) were a favorite among my customers.   Most were made out of a dark blue with ecru flowers and an ecru pinafore.

I sold so many of these that everytime I saw the fabric I would buy more (I think I have enough on hand to make 1 more). 

As spring and summer roll around and with Easter quickly approaching I thought the outfit would be cute in lighter colors.  So we went on a shopping trip (even my hubby likes shopping for these outfits) looking for summery calicos.

I finally finished the first 2 of the outfits and decided to use the little extra fabric I had on hand to make matching doll outfits.   I was very pleased with the outcome and then my favorite model, Lauren, (aka my granddaughter), came to town and modeled for me.

So here are the finished products being modeled by Lauren.  The first one is lavender and pink and it is being offered in my eBay store.

The second one is being offered in my Etsy store.  Etsy is a fairly new site for purchasing handmade items.  They offer everything from soap, to clothing, to crafts and the good thing is you don’t have to bid on anything-everything is buy it now.

Both of these outfits are one-of-a-kind since I do not have any more of the fabric.

An Easter dress that any little princess would love, and she will wear it over and over when she plays Little House, now that is a win-win for mom and daughter. (Please forgive the shameless promotion – I’ve got to eat though!)


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