A Long Awaited Journey

Christmas was difficult this year. We didn’t get to see our family for Christmas since neither my husband, nor son had any vacation time. So Christmas presents went unwrapped and the mistletoe went unused. . .

The New Year came and went and with it came our 2 grand-son’s January birthdays. They were born within a few weeks of each other – and as a result they have always celebrated their birthdays together.  So, last weekend we went to South Carolina to celebrate both Christmas and their birthday’s.

With 4 grandchildren, a son and daughter-in-law in SC we had quite a load of Christmas gifts for them as well as the boy’s birthday gifts, oh, and I always bring their Valentine gifts up at this trip so I don’t have to mail them. 

When I got ready to load the car this is what I had to pack and bring with us.


Our car is a small SUV-


and I had a lot of “fun” trying to fit all of this in our little car.

Now, some of you might wonder where my dear, sweet husband was during all of this – why, he went to work and left it all to me!!

Well, a few tries later my mission was accomplished!


And I was off to pick my hard-working husband up and hit the road for SC.

The boys had a great time at their party.  We made a spaceship cake for them.  They had a lot of friends over and everyone had fun.  We took a lot of pictures.

(Please visualize lots of pictures here!)

Our trip was over way too quickly and we headed home.  I uploaded the pictures to my computer and saved them for processing later – then, I accidentally deleted them all.  I was so upset!  So there are no photos but I promise the boys had a good time and the cake was very cute! (Visualize a cute rocket ship shaped cake here).


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