A Very Sassy Princess

A few months ago I found this fabric that is just full of princess crowns.  I thought one of my regular customers would like it but she wanted princesses and not just crowns.  I set the fabric aside to wait for spring because it is a light pink cotton and perfect for the warmer weather. . .

I also had some solid pink fabric given to me (by a really sweet sister-in-law).  I decided to make a reversible jumper using these two fabrics.

I had to find something to dress up the solid pink, so I started digging through my stash of embellishments and found this cute applique.

 When adding an applique to cotton it is important to apply interfacing on the back of the fabric to give added strength and durability to the fabric.  First I ironed the applique on the pink, then I ironed the interfacing to the reverse and finally I stitched through all layers to keep the applique securely attached .  Lastly I trimmed the excess from the interfacing.

Another area it is important to interface for reinforcement is the area the buttons will be attached.

I made a loop buttonhole out of the solid pink fabric.

Since a button is attached to both sides of a reversible garment it is important to sew them on loosely, to allow for all layers of fabric.

The finished item is a simple a-line jumper that can be worn on either side.

Shimmery princess crowns or girl power pink-2 dresses for 1 price.  Now that is a good deal.

Most of the designs I blog about are custom creations-if you see something you like or I can help you with a custom creation please contact me here.


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