A Woman’s Prerogative

A few months ago I posted a thread stating that we were starting to redecorate our master bathroom.  I told you at the time that it would take a really long time for us to finish-boy, was I right. . .

I have changed my mind (hence the title) so many times on the color, on the furniture, on the accessories, that I am really surprised we have made as much progress as we have. 

My first color choice was light grey, then I decided that would be too cold-so I changed to blue.  Well, blue is a cool color, right-so then I found a mauve color I liked.  That was okay but I am not crazy about warm colors so that didn’t last long.  My next choice was sage green, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought the room would look like a hospital room-so green was out.

Painting PrepAfter much deliberation and many hours of searching paint chips, I am right back to blue.  This time the color will be a blue-grey because I want to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be baby blue. 

So today we got the primer on the wall.  What a mess!!  Taping up the tub and tile and around the toilet took forever and then we finally got to start painting.

I was afraid the white primer would not cover the dark blue paint but it worked really well.


Are you a neat painter?  I am not-I had paint all over my hands and feet and, of course, my sweet hubby had nary a drop!!  But I sure did appreciate his help! 

The walls are all primed and I told my sweetie we need to go buy the blue paint before I change my mind again, after all, it is a woman’s prerogative. 


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