The Saga Continues

Our regular readers know that we have been working on a facelift for our bathroom.  I have written about our very slow progress on this project a few times. 

This past weekend we visited Home Depot and finally picked the color for our bathroom.  It is a very light blue.

We came home and taped everything up and started painting.  We had to paint the ceiling first and it took 2 coats so Saturday afternoon and Sunday we worked on the ceiling.

Then Monday night we finally, at last, after 3 months started cutting in the blue paint. . .

It took quite awhile to outline around the toilet and reach behind it and under it.

Then we worked around the tub.  This was much easier we just had to be careful not to get paint on the grout between the tiles.

We had to work around all the light and fan switches to outline that wall.

And, of course, all around the baseboards.

We had to give the room 2 coats so we did not finish until Tuesday night, but finally the walls are painted. 



We still need to install new lights and paint the baseboards so hopefully in the next few weeks our long standing project will be completed.


2 Responses to The Saga Continues

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Very pretty color, Patti.

  2. lsadog822 says:


    It looks nice, I like the color and you did a great job!!!


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