Missing My Grandkids


Every once in awhile I really start to miss my sweet grandchildren a lot.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss them all the time but every once in awhile it really starts to bother me that I can’t see them. . .

My grandchildren live in SC and we live in MS about 300 miles apart.  They came down last month for a funeral but it was such a quick trip that we didn’t have much time together.  So I am missing them!!

The good news is in about 4 weeks I will have them here for about a week.  Their mom and dad are going on a little trip and we get to babysit-YEAH!!  This is one job I love.

I will be so tired by the end of the week with them that it takes a few days to recover but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to have them with me whenever I get the chance.

So Paul and Shannon, hurry and bring those darlings down here for me!


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