Planning Some Fun

A few days ago I posted about missing my grandkids, well they are coming to visit in a few weeks.  I will have the 4 children (ages 8-14) for a week while their parents go on a little trip.  So I have been trying to come up with some ‘adventures’ we could have while they are in town. . .

For sure we will be staying home several days because the kids love it around here.  We live in a subdivision in the woods about an hour from New Orleans and the kids love to play outside in the neighborhood.  They take outside the bikes, skateboards, balls, and even a mini-trampoline and will stay out for hours. 

Another favorite past-time is digging up our yard.  The boys love to dig and they will pull out every shovel, hoe, rake and any other lawn equipment I let them use and they will get to work.  This visit I plan on buying some dirt and letting them fill in some holes in the yard-hopefully filling holes will be as much fun as digging them.

We may take them to see the USS Alabama in Mobile.  They love visiting this boat and the submarine nearby.  They explore every possible cavity and talk about all they saw for days.

Another possibility is the beach, depending on the weather.  We live on the MS Gulf Coast about 5 miles from the sand beach.  They love to play in the sand (what a mess to clean up) but it is too hard to keep them out of the water if it is cold, so we only go when the weather is warm.  This is the deep south so it may be warm enough in a few weeks.

The most fun thing we do together when they are here is cook.  They love to help in the kitchen and I love showing them how!  We make the best pancakes and French Toast!!  UMMM

Whatever we do, I know we will all have fun and, as much as I miss them now, I will be ready for peace and quiet when they head back home.  But for the time being, I can’t wait for them to get here.


2 Responses to Planning Some Fun

  1. louisianalurker says:

    Patti, Sounds like you have the week covered with adventure, In case your looking for other things to do, the Stennis Space Center used to give tours for a nominal fee before Katrina. Not sure if they’re still available, or if your grandkids would be interested, but it’s perhaps another idea. Have fun!

  2. pattisoriginals says:

    Thanks for reminding me about Stennis, I forgot all about it!! The kids will love that.

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