High Tech Sewing

I have been debating the idea of purchasing a computerized embroidery sewing machine.  These machines are so neat but, oh, so expensive. . .

A cartridge is inserted in the machine and you thread it and set it up and it does the embroidery.  This would be a way to offer monograms and personalization for customers. 

Also available is software that allows you to download images from the computer and embroider them on your fabric.  What a great way to add embellishments to all of my creations.  I can think of a million uses for this.

The downside is, of course, the price.  The machines are over $1,000, the software is $600 and every cartridge must be bought separately.

An alternative I am considering is the Disney Embroidery Machine by Brother.


This machine has been recommended by several people and it gets very good ratings from users.  The best thing is the price-it is only $300.

This machine has very limited capabilities and it cannot be connected to the computer to download images but there are many cartridges available to purchase separately.

My next issue is to find the space for a third sewing machine in my studio.  I really need to do some organizing in there so I can make room for it.  Then all I need to do is talk my dh into buying it for me!


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